14 March 1995

Course in Political Miracles: Lesson 11

"Fear or thoughts of limitation cannot keep me down."

I now understand I can achieve goals which are far greater and more all-encompassing than I might have originally imagined possible. In other words, if I let myself become "inspired," I am unstoppable.

What I may not have paid much attention to until now is how my spirit works. What does it mean to become "inspired?" Looking inside, it's easy to see the answer. My spirit has no fear. When I am "in my spirit" or tuned in to my spirit, I literally rise above fears and thoughts of limitation.

Nowhere are there any rules which say I have to be thinking of myself as limited all the time, or any rules which say I have to be in fear. Maybe a government is prone to making rules based on fear and limitation: "The people are limited, so we have to take care of them. We fear the people can't take care of themselves, so we need to make laws based on fear." But my spirit doesn't see me as limited and my spirit is not in fear.

When I open up to my spirit, I'm literally fearless ... aren't I?

When I feel my spirit, all thoughts of limitation begin to fly away ... don't they?

So each day this week as I wake up, I am going to remind myself of my fearlessness. I am going to remind myself that there is no limit to what I can accomplish if I am true to my heart and soul.

To this end, I am going to close my eyes for five minutes as I wake up and say to myself several times this week's lesson:

"Under no circumstances today or any day am I going to let fear or limitation thoughts keep me down."

As I go through my day each day this week I am going to carefully watch my thoughts and feelings, changing them when they would serve me not.

If I catch myself feeling fear, I am going to stop ... feel the spiritual place inside of me where I am not fearful ... and say to myself a few times:

"My spirit is not afraid of (this situation, this person, this place) and I am not going to let fear bring me down."

If I catch myself thinking I am limited as to what I can accomplish, I will stop ... feel the spirit inside of me ... and remind myself by telling myself a few times:

"My spirit has directed me toward (this goal, this task, this job, this achievement) and I am not going to allow my limitation thinking to stop me."

Before I go to sleep at the end of each day, I take a few minutes to fleetingly think about the nature of those who Ayn Rand calls "moochers" and "looters." They are men and women who live in fear, imprisoned in their own thoughts of limitation. I allow myself to feel grateful that such a miserable state is not necessary, not the natural state of men and women, and not the state of men and women in my world of the future.

I feel grateful that my feelings of fearlessness and my thoughts of unlimited possibilities are lifting the entire world to a level of happiness never before dreamed possible by men and women. Before my daily sleep, I let myself feel unbelievably grateful.

The device which more deeply prepares freedom lovers for success, A Course in Miracles , talks about our ultimate need to free ourselves from every kind of slavery:

You have been told to bring the darkness to the light, and guilt to holiness. And you have also been told that error must be corrected at its source. Therefore, it is the tiny part of your self, the little thought that seems split off and separate, that the Holy Spirit needs. The rest is fully in God's keeping, and needs no guide. But this wild and delusional thought needs help, because, in its delusions, it thinks it is the Son of God, whole and omnipotent, sole ruler of the kingdom it set apart to tyrannize by madness into obedience and slavery.

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