Course in Political Miracles: Lesson 15

"Worrying damages my cause; my joy keeps me safe."

In Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged,” when Dagny Taggart was still half-dazed from her airplane crash, finding herself in a strange valley looking into John Galt's eyes, she suddenly experienced a profound realization of truth which most people never get around to seeing: one's joy, one's sense of life, one's spirit never has any reason to worry.

If I can establish myself in the experience of my spirit and stay in the experience of my spirit, I literally will not be able to hold worry-thoughts in my mind.

Worry keeps my mind focused in the wrong direction. Not only does worry close down my awareness of my spirit, but it also keeps my mind busy with useless thoughts, distracted from seeing positive possibilities and opportunities.

Worse yet, worry traps me in a weakened, defensive state of mind which makes it difficult for people to support me and actually invites judgment and attack.

So this week, I dedicate my practice periods to teaching myself to recognize when worry is starting to assert itself and immediately turn to my joy and let my joy dissipate all worry.

This week as I waken each day, I will spend five minutes meditating on this very important lesson that worry damages my cause whereas my joy keeps me safe.

I will visualize myself moving through my day calmly turning to my joy and holding my joy anytime I begin to worry about anything, no matter how trivial or serious it may seem. I will say to myself a few times:

"If I worry I hurt myself. Today I turn to my joy to keep myself safe."

Then as I go through my day, I remember the week's lesson at least five minutes each hour by saying aloud statements which come to mind related to this lesson. Examples of such statements might be:

"My joy shows me I have nothing to worry about."

"If I give my joy a chance, my joy will teach me there is NEVER any reason to worry."

"My joy is a present experience. Worry is nothing more than fantasy about a future which may never come to pass."

"If I worry, I invite attack. Joy invites support."

"My joy feels good. Why would I want to worry?"

At the end of each day this week, I take a longer meditation period and really give myself the pleasure of experiencing my joy. I open my mind and my whole being and let my spirit fill me with joy like I have never experienced before. If my joy makes me laugh and I feel like a little kid again, so much the better.

The device which more deeply prepares freedom lovers for success, A Course in Miracles , talks about our ultimate need to free ourselves from every kind of slavery:

You have been told to bring the darkness to the light, and guilt to holiness. And you have also been told that error must be corrected at its source. Therefore, it is the tiny part of your self, the little thought that seems split off and separate, that the Holy Spirit needs. The rest is fully in God's keeping, and needs no guide. But this wild and delusional thought needs help, because, in its delusions, it thinks it is the Son of God, whole and omnipotent, sole ruler of the kingdom it set apart to tyrannize by madness into obedience and slavery.

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