Course in Political Miracles: Introduction

Course in Political Miracles recognizes that if the political system of one's surroundings is not reflecting the natural freedom of one's spirit, then one's spirit calls from inside oneself evermore loudly for freedom.

If government presence in one's life is rampant and based on seemingly insane decisions being made by out-of-touch or corrupted leaders, those with means and possibilities might be guided by their spirit to drop out of the system altogether.

Others will feel guided by their spirit to become active in bringing about change in the system. Such change might seem to require a miracle ... but it can be done.

Course in Political Miracles recognizes that the only honest path available to many is what we call: "being in the system, but not of the system."

This is a path of spiritual opening, inner listening to one's spirit, and allowing one's words and actions within the system to be guided by one's spirit.

It is a path of political campaigners who speak not to voters' fears or pains or whims, but to their spirit and reason.

It is a path of teachers who are not afraid of the opening minds and spirit of their students.

It is a path of company managers who treat their lower level employees not as expenses and expendables, but as individuals who are valued for their human spirit.

It is a path of those who are choosing to "be in the system, but not of the system," following the instructions of their spirit which has no other interest than to ultimately free them from political insanity.

Course in Political Miracles is interested in helping you blast through the limitations of ego-style politics and ego-style political activism, allowing you to operate on a level of efficacy which could almost be called "miraculous," as you follow your unique spirit-directed path to change the system. To this end, we offer what might be the most life changing course you will ever take.


There is no charge for the Course in Political Miracles ... except the price you set for yourself in dedication and commitment. The Course, like life itself, gives back what you put into it. Pay a high price in dedication and commitment, and the rewards will prove to be far beyond what you could have imagined beforehand.

The Course may be practiced in two ways:

Those who benefit from schedules and scheduling can concentrate on one lesson a week. The Course's 52 lessons make it a perfect one year course. Those who survive a year in the Course in this manner will feel a strong desire to retake it a second year and a third ... because it does bring results.

Those who feel the need to not move on until they have really grasped a given lesson in all its depth and breadth can stay on the same lesson week after week until it is fully learned and integrated deeply inside oneself, then move on to the next lesson. This is perhaps the best way to learn the lessons.

To gain the most benefit from the course, do not read ahead in the lessons. Stay with the lesson you are on until the one week or longer you have allotted yourself for the lesson has passed.

Under no circumstances should anyone ever spend less than an entire week on a lesson. You may be greatly tempted to say to yourself, "Oh, I already know this lesson," and move on to the next too quickly. Do not submit to such temptation.

It's okay to say, "Oh, I already know this lesson." But remember the goal here is to integrate the lesson fully, fully, fully deep inside oneself. If you really knew the lesson in all its fullness, we would already be living with political freedom and have no need for a Course in Political Miracles.

Finally, some lessons you will find hard to believe or even jolting to your old belief system. Do not judge the lessons. You need not believe the ideas, or accept them, or welcome them. Some of them your old belief system may resist. Your initial reaction does not matter. Simply apply the lessons as instructed.

One week is not enough time to integrate a lesson thoroughly, but it is the minimum amount of time to get a good start on a lesson which when thoroughly learned will improve your life a billion-fold.

The device which more deeply prepares freedom lovers for success, A Course in Miracles , talks about our ultimate need to free ourselves from every kind of slavery:

You have been told to bring the darkness to the light, and guilt to holiness. And you have also been told that error must be corrected at its source. Therefore, it is the tiny part of your self, the little thought that seems split off and separate, that the Holy Spirit needs. The rest is fully in God's keeping, and needs no guide. But this wild and delusional thought needs help, because, in its delusions, it thinks it is the Son of God, whole and omnipotent, sole ruler of the kingdom it set apart to tyrannize by madness into obedience and slavery.

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