24 December 2010

Could Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney Ever Stop Bloodthirsty Democrats?

Think deeply about what kind of society you want.  Do you want a society which practices human sacrifice? Or can you imagine a society which doesn't engender pain, or fear, or guilt, in which spirits are free to soar?

Does it make any difference whether it is the stone knife of ancient priestly rulers taking one’s life, or the tax knife of modern political rulers taking your livelihood? Isn't the principle and practice the same: human sacrifice?

Obama Democrats chant their bloodthirsty mantra: "More taxes! More taxes! More taxes!" Will they ever recognize what they have become - high priests of human sacrifice?

Sarah Palin Republicans, or Mitt Romney Republicans, typically say "Slow down! Not so much!" But is there anyone who will put a stop to the gory practice altogether?

When human sacrifice ends, there may finally be a moral political system, wouldn't you say?

The device which more deeply prepares freedom lovers for success, A Course in Miracles , talks about our ultimate need to free ourselves from every kind of slavery:

You have been told to bring the darkness to the light, and guilt to holiness. And you have also been told that error must be corrected at its source. Therefore, it is the tiny part of your self, the little thought that seems split off and separate, that the Holy Spirit needs. The rest is fully in God's keeping, and needs no guide. But this wild and delusional thought needs help, because, in its delusions, it thinks it is the Son of God, whole and omnipotent, sole ruler of the kingdom it set apart to tyrannize by madness into obedience and slavery.

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Course in Political Miracles

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