30 March 2014

Ted Cruz and Ron Paul ARE scary ... to Democrats!

"Moderate Republicans sat on a wall, 
Moderate Republicans had a great fall. 
All the king's horses and all the king's men 
Couldn't put Moderate Republicans together again."

No one doubts that the Washington Post, mouthpiece for the liberal-progressive dictatorship, activates all their horses and men to influence the Republican Party's presidential nomination process. During the next couple years we can expect to see the Post publish many articles like the following: Influential Republicans working to draft Jeb Bush into 2016 presidential race.

Amazing as it seems, there actually are a few who call themselves "Republicans" who would prefer another Bush.  But these few are likely under the intoxicating influence of propaganda like the Washington Post's articles.  Most Republicans are more clear-headed.

Fact of political life: If the Republican Party nominated another Bush ... so much support would be lost that the party might well face the destiny of the once influential early 19th Century Whig Party.  Another Bush candidacy and a Washington Post propagandist could snicker fiendishly and publish a book titled: "The Disappearance of the Republican Party."

Millions of voters who don't want another Democrat in the White House also don't want another Bush in the White House. Conservative voters who held their noses and voted for Dole, McCain, and Romney because they believed these "moderates" would at least be better than a liberal dictator are loath to hold their noses again.  You can only hold your nose so long before craving fresh air.

The Washington Post article linked above tries to get us to believe that real Republicans are scared of libertarian-conservatives like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. We can laugh at the Washington Post because the joke is on them.  Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are the real Republicans, and all the king's horses and men will not be able to put back together again the "sitting on the wall" wing of the Republican Party.

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